I have 33 flavors and all you want is vanilla??

I have 33 flavors and all you want is vanilla??

Me:Upscale Bohemian with hedonistic tendencies.
I am a worldclass gypsy and cultural vagabond who decided it was high time to chronicle some of my adventures in the form of a fashion/fine living blog to justify my disiterest in becoming a mature adult.

Oh relax it’s all in the spirit of fun and adventure with very little collateral damage! I am simply a person who values original thought, exquisite cultural experiences, great design and things that just make me reaaaal happy and I like to share what I find. I’m very unselfish with my hedonistic pleasures. I do play nicely with others.  I like to seek out other UB’s who also have a divining rod for all things fabulous and share their discoveries too. You can cover so much more ground that way.

    Being an Upscale Bohemian reminds me of a passage from the book Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory which I still remember. The poorest child who has won a tour of the factory is given a pitcher of hot chocolate by Willy (the original UB) to sample from his chocolate river  The child is grateful and forever changed by the experience of something so divine, so inherently perfect he could never have dreamed it existed. Yep, that’s what I look for.  

I have a deep desire to understand the intention and process of the artist/creator. How, where, why, how much and exactly how many calories are involved is part of my process. For example, what kind of mind could conceptualize a film like Memento so adroitly that we are compelled to decode the storyline without noticing we’ve suspended disbelief in the process? It’s these deceptively simple moments of graceful execution that excite me most…and compels me to share it with anyone who will listen!

Years ago I hosted a New Years Eve party in the Penthouse Suite of The Penninsula Hotel and was going over details of some of the more intricate cocktails we would be offering and a friend commented “you try so hard to be cool, isn’t it exhausting?” my answer remains my life’s mission namely ” to do otherwise would be to live a life of mediocrity and a certain kind of death… not an option. To explore is to breathe for me and I have sacrificed some of life’s more traditional experiences to breathe in this rarified air. I guess I am a devotee to the gospel of Dorothy Parker “Take care of the luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves.   Amen Sister.


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