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Not Your Mama’s Hudsons Part II: Georgia May Jagger Has All The Right Genes

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Haute off the presses, (so hot it doesnt even have audio yet…) here’s a preview of the eagerly awaited new ad campaign for the Hudson Jeans reinvigorated fall collection. Featuring 17 year old Georgia May Jagger and her boyfriend son of Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart, it proclaims “She is London and London is Her.” It’s a new level of chic and decadence for the brand which has always enjoyed a loyal if not slightly sedate following…Put on your crash helmet that’s all about to change…

As an aside, Big Daddy Mick is allegedly dubious about the newly inked multi million dollar spokesmodel deal and rather affronted but the er..overt nature of the campaign. Mama and Model of 70’s Super Icon Behaviour Gerry Hall is reported to have some simple advice to her newly minted supermodel spawn…”be nice to everyone, even if you don’t like them…”

Somewhere Marianne Faithfull has to be in hysterical laughter at the irony of it all…and the beat goes on…

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Hello World!

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What's new Kate??

What's new Kate??


lookbook 2

...Not much Edie...

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Zipper chronicles the connective trail of creative expression that when meshed together, creates a strong and cohesive whole. There is logic and progression to all invention. One can see origins of Valentino and Edie Sedgewick in the most ubiquitous designs of Banana Republic. To paraphrase the venerable Keith Richards ’nothing is really new in music, it’s all been done before dearie…’

To see the future of pop culture trends is to mine inspirations of the past. To seek the best in design from any era and every medium, to appreciate the transformative quality of pure design and invention and to make it modern and accessable…that truly defines the art of living well… and that’s what this ol’ hedonist is all about… dearie!

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