What is HOT now? In fashion, in men, in personal style, in life…

lagger and django james
What is HOT now? Here’s My Short List…in no apparent order…

1) A woman’s crisp white shirt with French cuffs paired with elegant cufflinks. Extra credit hot points if the cuff links are vintage, family heirloom or contemporary but very chic.

2) A romantic slow dance to Chet Baker with your beloved… in the privacy of your living room.



3) People with character ie: conviction, passion, compassion, commitment, accountability, humility all those intangible virtues that are as spectacular as a vintage Valentino gown and as hard to find.

valentino pic

4) Taking a shower in total darkness…ok 1 candle is allowed…so is a shower mate!

5)An oversized men’s gold wristwatch by Michael Kors… as a woman’s key accessory for day.

6) A romantic crush.
Not to be confused with: a fling, a thing, a text buddy, an arrangement, a relationship, a serious relationship, a something-new-but-it’s- too-soon-to-tell-what-it–is-thing, a maybe-he’s just-not-that-into-me-or-perhaps-he’s-contracted-polio-thing…
It’s a crush, period.

7) Vulnerability

8) Men who can wear a t-shirt and jeans, with a leather jacket and classic wristwatch who look as good as men in Brioni suits. Extra credit hot points for a black turtleneck in lieu of a t-shirt and extra, extra credit bonus hot points for men who can do Johnny Depp style as well as Johnny in lieu of aforementioned Brioni suit.


9) Men with guy stubble who carry pocket watches instead of wristwatches

10) Men in Brioni suits

11) Going to Paris with a game plan: hot chocolate at Laduree on the Champs Elysee

12) Sending or receiving a postcard from someone you just started dating that says “thinking of you” Sending or receiving a postcard from someone you’ve been with for years that says “thinking of you…”

13) Wearing your favorite perfume…to sleep in.

14) A vintage Balenciaga dress paired with Chanel’s new over the knee boots for fall.

chanel thigh high boots

15) An anonymous donation or deed

16) Jo Malone’s Black Vetiver Café perfume

17) Anything by Roberto Cavali

18) Red wine and blackout chocolate cake…for dinner.

19) Opera length fingerless leather gloves paired with a Nanette Lapore dress for day.

19) A hand-delivered note with the name and number of a new lover attached to a lush pink cabbage rose. Followed by a rose given by aforementioned new flame at every stolen moment and every tryst…very romantic, very sexy and for me, a memory worth keeping!

20) Anything from Royal Underground, the new design collaboration between Kelly Gray of Escada and Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue but ESPECIALLY the cashmere/wool blend peacoat with military details in a sublime crème fraiche hue.

kat von deese in Royal Underground

21) A second home in Belize, hot and practical (no capital gains tax!)

22) Manners that are innate not practiced.

23) Lamb and Tory Burch shoes and booties

24) A great debate with a worthy opponent

25) Relationship “firsts” the moment right before the first kiss. The first kiss. The first time you have sex. The first time you realize this could really be…something special…

So… I told. Now it’s your turn…What’s on your HOT list???


For all your fashion and lust list needs contact me your Fashion Concierge for a personal appointment to style you pretty. Also available here for any fashion emergencies or style dilemas. Submit pics and details here… 

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